Friday, July 21, 2017


Recently, the afro-centric theology/ecclesiology being promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention came to an honest head where black academic Lawrence Ware, as reported by Rod Dreher, which you may read here, stated, with regard to his frustration that the SBC is still apparently either antagonistic or aloof to black social justice (parenthesis mine):
I want to be a member of a body of believers that is structured around my Christian beliefs of equity, not one that sees those issues as peripheral. The equality of all people (ahem, Mr. Ware, in Christ, believers are all equally spiritually alive and reconciled to one another, you do know that, right?) should be a fundamental principle that is a starting point of the convention’s existence, not a side issue to be debated.
I love the church, but I love black people more. Black lives matter to me. I am not confident that they matter to the Southern Baptist Convention.
This assertion by Ware is qualified with his embracing of the Black Lives Matter movement which is clearly at odds with the objective of the church where it states, again as Dreher reports:
We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.
Unfortunately, Dreher concludes that this kind of statement vindicates the “alt-right” boogeyman which, apparently, he believes in and is a bad thing. So who is wrong, the scary ghoul called the alt-right or Ware? 

Which team is Dreher for, Team Truth or Team Narrative? Well, Dreher is somewhat of an approved Evangelical spokesperson hence, my referencing his coverage but it is a good question to ask yourself, are you for Team Truth or Team Narrative? Are you disappointed when your narrative isn't validated or are you informed when something is affirmed which wasn't anticipated?

From this, it appears that Todd Pruitt of Mortification of Spin (MOS) and Lead Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrison, VA, wrote an article using the same qualifying statement that Dreher used about the alt-right, The Unfortunate Vindication of the Alt Right.

At the end of his post, Pruitt writes:
I reject categorically the racial idolatry of the alt right. I reject with equal force the religion of race held by Lawrence Ware and Black Lives Matter. The religion of racial idolatry is a dead end for reconciliation and poisonous to the gospel. I pray it will be rejected in the PCA.
Added to this is his even more recent article, The Virus Attached to “Social Justice”, posted on Thursday, 20 July. In the post he references the rising buzz-word and academic golden calf called “Intersectionality” in which he recommends a thoughtful treatment of the issue by Elizabeth C. Corey, at First Things. You can read the article, here.

From all of this is the recognition of what I see formulated by Corey that I now call, Racial Fundamentalism. In other words, there exists, now, within the minds of certain so-called conservative Evangelical Christian teachers, Pastors, theologians and leaders, a kind of racial fundamentalism which is much like what Elizabeth Corey assembles in her article as she references the ideas in Eric Voegelins’s 1968 book, Science, Politics and Gnosticism.

Here, Corey soundly places her finger on the heartbeat of the issue. She cites Voegelin’s observation that, “modern ideologies are very much like ancient Gnostic movements. Certain fundamental assumptions, Voegelin wrote, characterize both ancient and modern Gnosticism.

Finally, and back to Pruitt’s newest post, he observes about the matter broadly and with respect to his denomination, the PCA:
Evangelicals are right to be concerned about intersectionality because it is something of a virus attached to much (not all) of the new social justice activism being imported into the church.

Intersectionality begins to manifest itself by lending justification to, for instance, a left-wing political action committee being run from the offices of a PCA church. It is also seen in various social media with calls – from professing Christians – for white evangelicals to quit trying to take the gospel to Africa because “we good.”

 Of course all of this has been warned against. Making something so impossibly vague as “social justice” the central concern of the church has only ever lead to apostasy. If legitimate calls for racial reconciliation are allowed to morph into racial politics the gospel itself will be distorted and the Great Commission will be recast as cultural imperialism.
With all this covered, I want to share some observations:

With respect to Lawrence Ware’s statement - he loves black people more than the church, I say hats off to his honesty and it is about time someone said what is clearly apparent in the affections of a number of so-called Gospel Coalition type black voices such as Jemar Tisby, Thabiti Anyabwile and Anthony Bradley of what I call, Liberation Light theology. As I have observed, they are afro-centrists, and what I term Racial Fundamentalists and in this case, Black Racial Fundamentalists. Now, I am not saying they have stated they agree with Ware but I am stating that it is my observation that the only thing left is for them to come out of the black racial fundamentalist closet.

Racial Fundamentalism – this term I will use to describe what Corey identified as Christians who have fundamental assumptions about their position on racial issues and the church and make a concentrated effort, not toward the Biblical spiritual reconciliation we have with one another as believers stemming from our new birth in Christ, but one toward a human or anthro-centric (in this case, afro-centric) reconciliation which they insist must be forced upon the church in the vein of some kind of social justice cause which, in fact, acts as an obstruction to true spiritual fellowship and unity of God's people.

Todd Pruitt – I do not know Todd but have read his articles at MOS and listened to some of the audio podcasts so I am familiar to that extent. In this, I have witnessed Todd sharing his accounts of being attacked on a couple of occasions, rather vehemently, and of course, I have also watched his coverage in retreat. What his attackers do not understand is that while Mr. Pruitt was temporarily forced back to his home base in order to recompose himself, such forced withdrawals always come with a price to the provocateurs and here is what I mean.

When Todd Pruitt drew back to sanctuary space, he did it not only licking his wounds but also knowing he was wronged and naΓ―ve. And when one realizes the sophisticated dishonesty of those who are the author of his or her injuries, they think, long and hard and they become motivated to be smarter and more precise with greater fire power on the next go ‘round and this is exactly what I am seeing in Reverend Pruitt; a growing muscularity and finesse in his approach toward what he knows is the intrusion of social justice campaigning and racial fundamentalism into the church.

Let me be clear, Todd Pruitt may not even know I exist, I do not presume such things. And even if he does know I am alive and has read my blog, he might not even prefer me or worse, oppose me for more than one reason. That is fine with me if that is the case. I am not here for a preferred narrative but simply to state what I see is happening, irrespective of personal likings or dislikings.

As to Todd Pruitt, he is waking up. Whether he likes it or not, the red pill is forcing its way down ironically, by its very adversaries. And if this is the case with Todd, it is the case for many, many more.

Alt-Right – What is the “alt-right”? The truth is, the word is a substitute for “racist” since no one takes being called a racist seriously much anymore. It is like using thug in place of nigger, which is sometimes the case. The word, racist, has lost its power in many quarter but alt-right? My, oh my, you’re nefarious because not only are you a racist but you are part of a white political cooperative seeking the continued oppression of people of color for time eternal and all kinds of other dreadful social violence. Jackboot thugs, they are. Wait, that's Antifa.

Now, we know that the characterization I just gave regarding the alt-right is fictional but in truth, the alt-right, itself, is fictional, at least for the most part. Whatever it was or is, by and large, western society conservatives are generally historically consistent. That is to say, they don’t depart from their basic values hence, alt-right, which is apparently not the traditional western conservative, is a fractional number, if it exists in any significant way. The only use for the label is as a pejorative toward those who hold to and argue for valid, social conservative views which gladly seek debate but find only racial fundamentalists with their sacrosanct assumptions who demand acquiescence merely because they hold to treasured ideas attached to persons of color (the Ace of Spades, so to speak) and not because they are able to win in the market place of ideas.

Why do I write so much about racial issues and the church?

I write so much about it because it is destroying the church. The day a Christian comes to understand that his or her reconciliation to their brothers and sisters in Christ is a spiritual reconciliation and not an anthropomorphic one, whether it be ethnocentric, Afrocentric, Anglocentric, or any other anthropologically based reconciliation, this is the day his/her misery and frustration ends and the blessing of genuine fellowship with other believers begins.

On this day, he or she will lay down the impediment of racial interests, ethnic interests and cultural interests (which are for the left kingdom, that of government/civic establishment) and interact with spiritual interests, toward those of the church. He or she will seek to be taught sound doctrine, to mature in the Lord, to discover and use whatever spiritual gifts(s) the Spirit of God endowed him or her with and understand that our fellowship in the church and as the people of God is one based in our shared spiritual DNA, shared doctrine and a shared culture of Christ.

God never says do not love your African, Black American, Asian, Hispanic, Anglo, or Islander genetic family. He never says the civil concerns of a people are not valid things for you, as a citizen of both this world and God’s Kingdom, to pursue. He does say, however, that civil issues and pursuits are just that civil, for the Kingdom on the Left.

The church, the Kingdom on the Right, established for gospel concerns, is not a social or civic body but a spiritual body commissioned to invest in the spiritual values and protocols of God. His body and his resources are not intended nor sanctioned for social campaigns.

May God bless all my readers.

Monday, July 17, 2017



(*This essay assumes all references to pornography are consenting adult materials only.)

On any given day I'm confident you will likely discover 50% or more (my anecdotal guess is probably around 75%) of conservative Christian men perplexed as to why they simply cannot stop sexually lusting and even more so, cannot permanently keep from looking at and masturbating to, pornography on the internet. I’ll tell you why if you don’t already know.

Women’s bodies are delish to the sexual drive of a man thus, pornography is utterly delectable, and that’s why. Men are made to have an almost irresistible magnetic sexual attraction to the female body and the more appealing the shape and size each individual prizes in their unique way, the more hypnotically alluring.

Surprised by the answer? I didn’t think so but it is an answer few Christian men, never mind leaders, will admit to because, frankly, they have such a high opinion of themselves that they simply cannot concede this is a man’s lot. Their response is usually some form of, "they're dirty, we're not" retort.

Now, permit me to qualify my description. When I state that pornography is utterly delectable, I am referring, of course, to our flesh and more specifically, to our sin nature.

Not all things of the flesh are sinful, don’t get me wrong, I’m not asserting this however, what I am postulating is that while sex is superbly pleasurable to the flesh, and rightly so by design of God, outside of its right context it is still very rewarding to the sin nature. I guess you could say it is a double-high, which sin often brings to our flesh, at least temporarily speaking.

David and Solomon

Ever wonder why David, and then his son, Solomon, had so many mistresses? Umm…don’t. It’s obvious. Of course, many women remain confused as to why God, knowing all this, would still describe David as a man after his own heart yet, in today’s terms, King David would be called a sex addict, never mind his son, Solomon, of unparalleled wisdom from God. In spite of what seems to be a glaring penchant for multiple wives and mistresses hence, a lightly restrained sexual appetite, men know why God referred to David as he did and endowed Solomon with unmatched wisdom to date, as do honest women.

The fact is, God permitted such weaknesses, personally and socially, due to the sin nature of man and the social construct of the day. It does not mean he condoned them. I know, you’re mad at God and likely, confused. Don’t be.

Think about yourself

Regardless of your gender, before you hop on your high horse, think about yourself. What does God tolerate in your life with respect to forgoing a deserving judgment, the judgment you believe every Christian who still lusts sexually, especially Christian men using porn and even daring to masturbate to it while married (of all things), should face from God?

Let me guess, your sins aren’t so severe, right?

Except for gossiping, little ole gossiping. That is your tiny downfall. You just can’t resist being a bit of a busybody now and then either but neither of those sins are as bad as sexual lust/looking at porn, right?

And you, mister, who doesn’t look at porn, you’re pretty proud of yourself, eh? You’re above it all, right? Except for your anger issues and mistreating your employees but that’s different, it’s not porn or having mistresses like David or Solomon, right?

The truth is, we are all in a bit of a fix and we should keep that before ourselves, always. Do not get me wrong, it is true that some sins do and should have greater consequences than others either temporally or more broadly, with respect to the kingdom on the left (government). As well, their degrees are relevant with respect to God’s discipline and within a church. When we, however, start to measure ourselves among ourselves (2 Co. 10:12) so that we may pat ourselves on the head and condemn others, we are simply setting up a self-serving construct and one that ironically, brings judgment from God.

More importantly, imagine the day your stand before Jesus at the Bema Seat. Remember, every single word out of your mouth will be evaluated, every thought, revealed, and every motive, uncovered and every false judgment will be judged by God.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, what does God tolerate in you? Likely, a great deal more than you ever confess to him or yourself.

With all that said…

This preliminary qualifier was necessary to suppress the appetite of the self-righteous and lower the guard of the Christian porn user or in the least, one baffled by his ongoing sexual lust, in order to at least get readers willing to listen to what I am about to share.

There is only one way to stop using pornography, it is simply to stop. That’s it, just stop. But, you will not stop until you decide you must. That said, however, you are not going to stop sexual lusting until you die, for the most part.

You can marry Sophia Loren in her prime all day long and it will not matter, you’re going to be sexually attracted to other women’s bodies. End story. It won’t stop. Yes, it can be minimized, we’ll get to that in a bit.

But what can stop is your acting upon such thoughts but even then, don’t be too impressed that you didn’t act upon them so much because Jesus said clearly, as Matthew 5:28 records:
but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
This is not to say that every instance of awareness of a woman’s physical beauty, which may include her obvious sexual appeal, equals adulterous lusting but let’s be honest, 100% of the time we do not permit godly thoughts to reign, though for plenty of men the spiritual maturation and godliness of their thought life is exceptional. Of course those men go unreported since scandal is the news of the day but my guess is that men such as Adrian Rogers (now with the Lord) and Billy Graham along with a host of men whose preaching and teaching was/is so unlike the carnally based impulsiveness of today’s celebrated ecclesiastical hosts, are such examples.

The Idiocy of Accountabilibuddies

As to porn, specifically, if that is an issue with you first know this:

  • You will not successfully stop using it for someone else,
  • You cannot do it under stupid accountabilibuddy supervision which is, frankly, spiritual and personal tyranny.
  • You cannot do it through the will of anyone else, not even through God’s will. This means that God will not overpower your will. You must exercise your will through the strength of God’s Spirit by way of enlightenment to his principles of truth.
By the way, do you know there are many unsaved men who do not look at porn by their own will power simply because they believe it is wrong? Sometimes it is simply a matter of moral principle. Do you pray to God for strength not to murder (I am sure some will be tempted to be facetious)? No. Why? Because you know it is wrong. For the Christian, more so, we have God’s Spirit residing in us to both enlighten and empower.

John Piper Strikes Again

I hate bringing Mr. Piper into this discussion but apparently he could not help himself in uttering another disturbing comment related to my topic. His recent claim is that for the last 51 years, with respect to his marriage:

 “I have never been attracted to another woman romantically. I have never desired sexual relations with another woman.” 

You can read the entire blog post, here.

In keeping with a pattern I have observed in John Piper, he crafts his claim in so subtle a manner that the currency of the statement lends itself to to the enlarged misinterpreted value that he has only ever sexually been attracted to his wife while maintaining plausible deniability. That is to say, he may still claim that he did not say that he was only and ever sexually attracted to his wife or that he never lusted after only his wife, just that he “he was never attracted to another woman romantically" and that he "never desired sexual relations with another woman.” He is the parsing king, I will credit him, there.

If John Piper has never managed to have any sexually lustful thoughts toward any woman besides his wife, he is one in 3 billion. Hats off to him.

My guess, however, is that something along these lines of thinking went into this carefully constructed statement before making it as if he might anticipate responses or even, critical investigation into his magnanimity:

Piper: I have never been romantically attracted to another woman nor desired sexual relations with another woman.

Interviewer: So, you’ve never been sexually attracted or lusted toward another woman?

Piper: I didn’t say that, I said I have never been romantically attracted to another woman or desired sexual relations with another woman.

Interviewer: I'll skip the "romantically attracted" part since romance to one person may not be the same thing to another but I do want to ask this question, isn’t sexual lust or even sexual attraction based on desire, at least to some degree?

Piper: Not necessarily. I mean, you can be aware that you are sexually attracted and even lust in your mind but not say to yourself you want to carry that through. That's the desire I am talking about, the desire to carry through with the sexual lust.

Interviewer: Isn’t the distinction between lusting sexually after another woman and not wanting to carry it through the kind of parsing that the Pharisees did in order to admire themselves for not committing adultery? After all, Jesus said, as Matthew records:
but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
Now, as I said this is a possible scenario of what might be going on in John Piper’s mind with regard to his statement because frankly, it smells of the kind of unhelpful shrewdness which insures he comes out on top and not the kind of transparency while does help.

What about you?

Fair question. I could say that it's not germane to the truth and really, none of your you-know-what business but I won't.

When the internet first opened up (early to mid-90's), I had my own encounter and involvement with the off-limits candy store. Every imaginable woman was at my fingertips and I had some growing up to do. And eventually I did grow up.

I quit because it simply was and is morally wrong. But for a while, my personal morality was full of excuses and I was acting like a victim, not an empowered believer. I had some spiritual maturity and personal maturity, ahead. I am grateful that God has been patient with me on more than one thing in my life.

But that isn’t important, frankly, I am only honest for the record.

What I will not say, however, is that sexually alluring women have quit being sexually captivating or that I never lust, sexually. I make no such claims nor wish to qualify my enlightened moral boundaries and practices, in a way which suggests something greater in my maturation and comportment than is true. 

Yes, it has been quite some time since I invaded the forbidden zone but I'm still made of the same flesh as I was back then and I can yield at whatever point, just like I did back then but by the strength and grace of God, I can say I've put some good miles behind that. In all I have learned in this category of concern, one of those things is that the devil nor the flesh ever stop and neither will until our last breath and we enter into glory.

In the End

God’s Word is replete with his directives toward us to walk in the light as he is in the light (I John 1:7) and to put off the old man and put on the new (Eph. 4:22—24; Col. 3:9-10) where we are to live a Spirit dominated life. The psalmist wrote in first Psalm:
1 How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners,
Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!

2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD,
And in His law he meditates day and night.

3 He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water,
Which yields its fruit in its season
And its leaf does not wither;
And in whatever he does, he prospers.
There is not enough room to discuss the strength of goodness and grace God has for us if we will draw near to him. I cite just these three passages as the tip of the iceberg of God’s empowerment and blessing which sits in store for us, all.

Thus, in the end, it isn’t just about feeling better by not looking at pornography which always leaves its morally-minded user feeling like crap (forgive the bluntness). For the Christian, God does not stop at commanding us to put off the old man, to determine to reject old Adam’s sinful wants but to put on the new man, to be filled with God’s Spirit or to walk in newness of life.

As we mature and as we point our lives in the direction of Christ, if pornography is one of your issues, at some point God will enlighten you and bring you out of its clutches (I am speaking of practical sanctification). Do not give up. Continue growing. No one, I mean no one, who has lived for Christ has ever experienced complete and utter maturation out of sin habits, patterns or desires and certainly not all at once.

Ignore the Anecdotal Heroes and Focus on Christ 

Whatever you do, by the way, ignore these self-infatuated paper tigers who appear to want to tell you all about their pristine morality and love for Jesus. I could never live up to such claims. Maybe you can. If so, I look forward to meeting you in eternity.

Some days I love Jesus quite a bit and some days, I do not. Some days I walk in the Spirit and some days I do not. My hope is that it is more days yes, less days, no. But I have to be honest, I am a pedestrian Christian. If Mr. Magoo got saved, that'd be me. And that's okay, Christ hasn't demanded of me the work of Charles Spurgeon, I'd likely faint and die before he could complete telling me of my new mission. However, Jesus always loves me, Jesus always is faithful to me, Jesus is always praying for me and Jesus' gifts and calling are without repentance.

There is one thing I like about men like Charles Stanley. In spite of his years of teaching and maturation, he never teaches as one who talks about himself attaining great heights but of one who is made of the same thing all men are made of and tempted like all men and when and where he has experienced victories and empowerment, it is always about Christ taking him there through his Word and Spirit

Do not be discouraged. You might have this struggle for some time, just like the gossip, the liar or the pity-partier but you are at the right starting point in acknowledging its wrongness.  The gossip often destroys life after life, never admitting to his/her sin and justifying it with arguments that would make a 5-point Calvinist blush.

Focus on Christ. He is the deliverer. He has given all things we need which pertain to life and godliness (2 Pt. 1:3) and he did not lie about that. Again remember, though, full maturity does not come overnight.

I know, if only you could stop, once and for all, you’d feel so much better. That is true and not true. Yes, you will feel relieved that you have the self-control Peter talks about but remember, as you mature you will also become more aware of other sins you never considered!

Look fellas (and any gals with this issue), sexual lust can be minimized as a thing which invades our thought life by filling it with sound doctrine while being filled with God’s Spirit, but it will never completely go away until we are removed from our bodies of sin. So skip the dream of it never occurring and focus on the empowerment to be realized.

As God has revealed, focus on Christ. Make him your occupation. It is a brave new world and you have been dropped into its midst. We are all pioneers. The onslaught of the church in the free-world is right here, in the midst of the internet bordello where you and I live. This is truly a silent killer and the plan of the Evil one. May God encourage all of your hearts.