Monday, December 4, 2017


It has been some time since I have written and it will be difficult to produce work for a while, though I will try. I want to, however, stop and assert this proposition. Donald Trump is America’s Martin Luther.

I realize such an assertion does not sit well with the Incredulous Class, the Smartest Guy in the Room Class, or the Sanctimonious Class, but it does and should with the common class of which most of us are and of which we should be proud.

Martin Luther was despised by all the right people and so is Donald Trump. If one reads Luther, they ought to remember he had to crush an entire institution which incited the religious community to seek to put him to death.

And when I say that Donald Trump is America’s Martin Luther, I do not say it as if Trump is faithful to God and his conscience is seared with devotion and passion to purity in ecclesiastical matters or toward theological integrity. But when this proposition is offered, it is done so because few seem to understand just what exists, politically, with regard to elected bodies alienating themselves and this nation through their governance from our constitutional boundaries and values and Donald Trump's allegiance to righting the many wrongs perpetrated over the last 8 years with the gross attempt to dispossess America of her attributes and world standing but even beyond that, possibly the last 40 years of a slow national deference to others, ultimately to our detriment as a nation.

Trump understands this plodding decline and our Congress’s unwillingness to do what is in the best and necessary interest of the nation. He gets that the new but false social political correctness morality which has overtaken even groups such as the ERLC within the Southern Baptists, is nothing more than a fake morality imposed upon traditional values in order to degrade and eventually reduce to an invalid, United States capitalism and our constitutional freedoms in order for losers, who cannot sustain themselves and become producers, to climb atop a heap of shredded good men and say, “Look what I have achieved."

The parallels between Trump and Luther are undeniable. Reformers are rarely appreciated when they are up to their waist in refuse as they are throwing it out. But President Trump, like Luther, tells it like it is, sometimes in blunt and crude terms to make sure his point is clear.

For years there has been a medium called “News”, which has belied its claim of professionalism through its obvious gross bias in reporting stories. And now, today, we have a Reformer, challenging it's dishonest participants and shaming them, directly, from his civic pulpit. Hallelujah!

Our selfish Congress has also been exposed by the Reformer, Trump and they hate him for shining the light upon them. Their response? Impeach. All because they are being uncovered and their feelings being hurt,  Yet, they easily attack the President and dare to lie and call him a racist and so forth. They are duplicitous and corrupt carpetbaggers. Trump is exposing their hypocrisy on this thus, they are further infuriated.

If you think the President is somehow intimidated by the various and powerful news media, daunted by celebrities crying and throwing temper tantrums, shaken by elected officials screaming “impeach”, or dismayed by this special investigation into collusion with Russia for which there will be the conclusion that there was no complicity or anything illegal done by the President, think again. He has just gotten started and year two is upon us.


DKR said...

Amen Alex! I just finished reading Eric Metaxas' Martin Luther and loved it. There was so much about Martin I did not know. The Lord God has always chosen certain people to do certain things for His purpose and President Trump is one of them. He can be rough, tough, brash and down right offensive but on the other hand he can be tender, loving, considerate, compassionate and wise. Wow, a "real" human being in the office of President of the United States. The ungodly will continue to abuse him and his followers. They will continue to try to tear apart our nation which was built on Godly principals. They hate God as much as they hate the President. This also has been going on century after century. They, unfortunately, do not know the rest of the story...God has already won the victory! In the meantime, we put on our armor and go to battle to try to win some of the souls of the hard hearted and the deaf ears for Christ! Onward Christian Soldier!
Blessings and Peace to you and yours,

Alex A. Guggenheim said...


Thank you again for commenting. I'll tell you what I find to be the strangest of all are Christians who hate Donald Trump and would have preferred Hillary Clinton. Absolutely baffling. But in the meantime as you said Onward Christian Soldier let us win souls for Christ

Anonymous said...

Great post. I sometimes think people actually want to be serfs to an ever encroaching oligharchical government bureaucracy with gold plated pensions their children will pay for. I