Monday, May 8, 2017


I continue to read about and observe the growing monstrosity of the occupation with racial/ethnic/cultural diversity in and by Christ’s body. The further away I am theologically displaced from this gangrenous abnormality, the more evident becomes the harm and frankly, injustice to God’s people by those hijacking Christ’s property and resources for this humanist enterprise.

Thus, I am predictably prodded to compose this essay with regard to racial patronization and ultimately, trophyism within the church and conclusively, how everyone in the church loses when God’s spiritual body is impeached with accusations of racism merely because it does not meet some arbitrary racial/ethnic/cultural census thus, is torn away from its design and mission issued by Christ which is to call all people to come to the Savior that we may be one in Christ (within the church) and instead, imposing upon and compelling God’s holy nation to conform to some worldly measure of humanism rather than the Biblical mandate to be transformed together as a chosen race (γένος/genos), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (ἔθνος/ethnos) (2 Peter 2:9), through the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2).

(Yes, that was one sentence.)

Everyone in the Church Loses in the Humanist Pursuit of Racial/Ethnic/Cultural Diversity

First, let be clear. When the New Testament considers the issues of diversity it does so only with respect to spiritual diversity among those who are the chosen race (γένος/genos), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (ἔθνος/ethnos). There is no such thing as the church being charged with pursuing human diversity and that is essentially because the church is a new archetype which is purely a spiritual construct. Thus, its call by God to the pursuit of the unsaved to be saved, that they may become the new (καινὴ/kainē) creature (2 Cor. 5:17) and then when they become that new creature, to teach or disciple them in the Word of God.

It is true that the Apostle Paul wrote that within the church there is diversity to be deliberated but that diversity is spiritual diversity which is expressed in our varying spiritual gifts. He wrote to the Corinthian church about this in stating that, “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” (1 Cor. 12:4). And here, not only should the point of the Biblical context of diversity stand out but the sameness of the shared one Spirit should as well, which speaks to our shared spiritual heritage in Christ as Christians.

But for the sake of argument…

Pitying the errant teachers of racial humanism, let’s ignore the clear paradigm prescribed by our Lord and pretend that pursuing racial/ethnic/cultural diversity is the order of the day for God’s people.

You do realize, don’t you, that in doing so that someone - actually quite a number of God’s people - will lose when this equation is applied? You do understand that, right?

Two common propositions and their injury to the church.
1. We need more blacks in the church, it is too white.
This fundamental idea which is commonly proposed by people such as Jarvis Williams and Anthony Bradley and others as I have read them, is destructive simply in its formula. God’s church, Christ’s body, is not an assembly of people based on shared human race, ethnicity or culture. It is an assembly of people based on a shared spiritual identity or person. 

In fact, as I referenced earlier and do so again, repeatedly the New Testament divests God’s people of their anthropological significance as it relates to our new spiritual identity which stems from our reconciliation to God through Christ and not only brings the power to be completely reconciled to God but consequently, reconciliation with and to fellow believers.

Our ability to relate to another believer then, is not based on reconciliation to or with his or her human properties, i.e., his/her racial, ethnic or cultural identity but on our shared spiritual identity in the shared properties which come with the new birth. These are: shared spiritual DNA, shared Father, Son and Holy Spirit and shared Word from which is derived a subsequent expression of doctrinal beliefs in the form of a meticulous consanguineous theology along with a scrupulously developed and expressed ecclesiastical/spiritual culture.

Therefore, to deliberately seek out more blacks, whites, browns or what have you, to place into a church is to fail to identify and abide by the Biblical parameters decreed by our Savior in his specific schematics given in the New Testament for God’s people, the church.

A second and just as critically related point which I will address more thoroughly next, is that such a proposal automatically defaults to the anti-Biblical view that the church is an anthropologically based (and worse) human institution which has been inaugurated for the advancement of human interests. 

How utterly heinous is such a path which only leads to the dispossession (practically speaking) of God’s people of the power given to them by Christ for the spiritual operation and triumph of believers and eventually leads to the dissolution of a local assembly as an expression and endeavor of God and is, instead, grotesquely morphed into an institution for the advancement of some human racial/ethnic/cultural cause of which pursuits belong, not in the Kingdom on the right but in and to the Kingdom on the left.

Finally, I ask those proposing such things, who, my friends, will be the arbiters of enough blacks and African Americans, enough Chinese, enough Spaniards, enough Argentinians and enough Russians? Who will tell me when the quota is filled?

And while we pursue such nonsensical diabolical schedules, remember, it is all based on the assumption that we, not Christ, know who to add to his church instead of simply abiding by his edict that, as we go we are to preach the gospel and let him, the Savior, add to the church through the Word.
2. My culture is not represented. We need to bring cultural elements of the surrounding community into the church so that the people in the community can identify with what is going on and feel comfortable and cared for and not alienated.
The way I have formulated this overture appears a bit unsophisticated but cuts to the actual point or demand being made by those insisting on co-opting the church for the advancement of racial/ethnic/cultural concerns. The decisive goal is for their comfort, not God’s people thus, the church must adjust to them and not they, to God’s church.

Again, just like earlier, the presupposition of the church existing to represent one’s race, culture or ethnicity is the perpetrator of the perniciousness being hoisted upon the church. Your human culture, in whatever national, state or local context you live, exists in just that, the Kingdom on the left.

Human culture is the construct by which humans, living together, collectively express themselves as a micro or macro community. But human culture is not ecclesiastical culture. Christ’s church is a new paradigm altogether which is a spiritual culture.

But what about human elements within the church that are used for the purpose of expressing our spiritual culture, shouldn’t that be something I expect to see in a church?

Commonly, this is a query which arises in debates such as this. In other words, If I am black and if my surrounding culture is primarily black (whatever that means but for the sake of time I’ll accept the notion that there is a certain and defined thing called black culture), when I walk into a church that is primarily white, I will arguably be disoriented and feel as though it cherishes white culture and its expression (again, accepting without argument such a position in order to make my point) and no doubt I will not feel welcomed or not understood with regard to my race and culture.

Do you see the elementary flaw in the thinking which I have pointed out, twice already?

The person entering a church with the assumption it exists to affirm his racial or cultural identity begins with a mistake, an error so grave and consequently ever consuming, that he will perpetually be in search of a satisfying ecclesiastical experience since to him or her, self-affirmation and not divine affirmation is the purpose of the church and every time it fails to proclaim or affirm the goodness of his/her anthropological identity, it has failed him or her. Of course we know the objective of the church is to proclaim Christ and our identity as believers in Christ and all that we have equally and commonly received and shared as a consequence of believing the gospel and being “in Christ” (Eph. 2).

And lastly, let me say that if someone succeeds in convincing a church to conform to this order of humanism and a church decides to make a number of adjustments so that he doesn’t feel the way he does (in this case let’s assume it is a black person wanting a predominantly white church to have more “black things”), again, let’s consider who loses out. And the answer to that is everybody who isn’t that black individual loses out not to mention all of those who are already there and who would like their own, special needs, met with adjustments by the church. Will the Chinese woman get the same adjustment in the future, how about the Pakistani family or the Ainu who live across the street and are visiting?

When you enter a Church…

When you enter a church, if you are a faithful believer in Christ, you are to look for spiritual things. That is to say, you are to look for what Christ and his Apostles taught us are common to all believers and are to be the pursuit of his Church.
  • Is the church a gospel preaching church which seeks to evangelize the lost?
  • Is the church one in which the Pastor knows and teaches solid doctrine, from milk to meat?
  • Is the church one that is governmentally safe and sound?
  • Do the members emphasize their spiritual identity and properties in ecclesiastical fellowship?
  • Do the members recognize you and receive you as a fellow believer with spiritual gifting given by God with the intention of you using such gifting within that assembly?
If you discover such components in a church, it doesn’t matter what the cultural context because while cultural constituents will be present in a church, they will be anecdotally so in a healthy church. That is, they will only be relative tools from the surrounding culture which are convenient for the actual or real purpose of the church which is spiritual enterprise.

For example, some communities might not have little plastic cups to use for communion. Instead, you have to use little wooden cups that are washed and the wood is indigenous only to that area. Do you suddenly feel unable to take communion because the regulars are familiar with the little wooden cups while you are familiar with plastic cups?

Or take the materials and designs for robes, if they are worn. They may differ in varying parts of the world based on what fabric is available and the social signals which are given by various color combinations and wardrobe use with its accoutrements. Are you to now demand foreign elements for your convenience or will you learn their use and greater, Biblical significance and permit yourself to be edified through these easily learned cultural values? Possibly not, however. You could be a racial narcissist of the worst order.

Remember, while they may be foreign to you they are not foreign to those using them. For you to enter into an assembly of God and demand that such references and identifiers be removed or replaced with ones you wish to install so that your human identity feels more affirmed and comfortable, is the height of arrogance. 

Seeking to disorient others to what has been and now is already established merely for your comfort and convenience instead of you learning what these things mean and their significance and abiding by them out of respect for the instituted practices which have clear and relative meaning to the assembly in their collective worship of and obedience to God, is simply and utterly atrocious and no argument exists to convince even a redeemed weasel, otherwise.

Black Trophyism – White Saviors and their Adoption Trophies

I am confident that about now some of my readers are getting nervous but you shouldn’t. Just like the sacrosanct number of 6 million Jews allegedly being gassed by the Nazis (don’t get all mad, any dork can do a minute of research only to discover that the 4 million Jews who were claimed to have been executed at Birkenau upon which the 6 million total rested, was changed to 1.4 million in 1990 and a plaque giving this new estimate was placed there in 1995 without the 6 million total ever being revised), the adoption of black children by notable white Evangelicals Bible teachers and Pastors along with their acolytes who seek to emulate their heroes, thus also bring home at least one Ebony laurel, is something we must not address and if so, we must not mention the obvious.

While I will not contend for a moment I know the heart and mind of anyone individual, I do know, statistically speaking, from decades of research on the matter and from anecdotal observation (the weakest element here but one, nonetheless), that among these racial redeemers, a good number of them are highly impressed with themselves and ultimately duped by their self-aggrandizing racial valor into the delusion that they have earned their racial street cred card along with a get-out-of-racist-jail- free card. Secretly, they hope for the day they can say to their black friend, “What’s up my nig?” and have reciprocated to them, “Nothin’ my nig.”, with it all being good, along with any number of other racial exceptions to the rule.

Of course, this is how you end up with imbecilic stuff like this from men who, with their advanced degrees (some of them, at least) demonstrate the wisdom of a ten-year old.

Remember Rachel Dolezal? I’ll say this for her, she has more credibility with regard to racial reconciliation and/or whatever racial bridge building is being attempted by her than any of these Evangelical paragons of racial nirvana.

I won’t go so far as to say this about these men but they remind me of men, just like them, who love black trophies, tokens and symbols but aren’t actually interested in going black. You do realize that, right? 

Their interest is in converting their black trophy into a reflection of themselves but with all the benefits of having invested one’s self into black concerns.

Now, in all fairness but more importantly, as a matter of Biblical principle, these EEO Caucazoid Church Commanders shouldn’t be interested in going black, as Rachel Dolezal desires. However, nor should they be interested in going white, or brown or yellow or whatever color one offers as a representative of a race or ethnicity.


Because that isn’t the purpose of Christ’s church. He didn’t establish her to rectify racial, ethnic or cultural problems, injustices or inequities, real or perceived. She, the church, is a new paradigm and her crown is that of spiritual royalty. Her children are all birthed the same, through the gospel and raised the same, through a Spirit-filled life which abides in and is fed by, the Word!

But that isn’t why these cowards don’t go black like Rachel Dolezal, whose actions at least match her rhetoric. They don’t go black for two reasons:

Theological Ineptitude (Possible Cowardice) Mixed with Imposed White Guilt – these men are so theologically incompetent with regard to the issue of race, cultural and ethnicity and as it relates to Christ’s church that instead of rebuking these merchants of macabre racial theology, they attempt to yield to it from a position fear stemming from possessing no significant theological rebuttal along with false white guilt. Adding to this is the threat of being labeled a racist by these pirates and presto, ignorance and fear wins the day while God’s church is ravaged by error.

White Preference – there is a reason almost all of these kinds of men will never be found living with their families (apart from it being providentially or financially forced) in any predominantly black neighborhood or eating at restaurants that are predominantly black or engaging in any real personal black social construct most of the time and so on and so on, as it relates to the black universe.


The reasons why is because they generally prefer all things fair and light. Shocker, I know. Imagine that, people preferring what looks, sounds and behaves similar to themselves. Indeed, they pretend to admire rappers and black culture and black theologians but let’s be honest, they aren’t moving to their neck of the woods nor are they going to start importing them into theirs anytime soon.

The problem, of course, is that while I am honest enough to tell you I prefer most things Caucasian/Anglo/white, they won’t. Thus, to them it is a shocker when people say such things. They are liars, to themselves and to us.

Which brings me to my final area of concern.

Churches, Seminaries Black Tokens and Trophies

As I just said, these Masters of ecclesiastical enterprise both don’t have a Biblical response to the iniquitous agents of racialized theology nor do they really like black things all that much, other than at a distance. But because they are not honest with themselves in admitting any of this, all that is left for them to do is try and fabricate the appearance of their full acquiescence to the racialized theological nonsense while trying to dip their toe in the river as if to convince the men on the other side, they are seriously on the way over.

Enter…the tokens and trophies. (For the uninitiated, a black token is the minimum required, usually kept at some distance, of blacks to silence accusations of outright racial prejudice/racism and given while a black trophy is when you told the token real close on certain occasions and agree to handle it in public so as to give more than the minimal impression of racial enlightenment but to show to all doubters how grand your racial advancement is, so much so you want the world to know by hugging your black trophy. Of course, all of this is said with the acceptance of the lie that one is a default racist in the absence of black or brown people in your institution but I am accepting that error for the moment for my larger point.)

Possibly and to their credit, their poor but still existing theological instincts tell them that this racialized theological Trojan Horse scheme is in error thus, they give what they believe is minimally required adherence. 

On the other hand it could be because they don’t like the idea of being fully immersed in the ink well and taken over by a bunch of blacks running their churches and seminaries which is why they prefer black tokens and trophies. I don’t know but what I do know is that the trophyism practiced by these Gospel Coalition type churches, which receives all kinds of kudos, belies their claims of any genuine conversion to the racialized program being insisted upon by groups like the Reformed Blacks of America or the Reformed African American Network.

What I believe is really being hoped for is a satisfaction with tokens and trophies by these leftist Afrocentric theology groups and their leaders. Of course, if you are a student of history you know that this will never be enough and frankly, shouldn’t be if one has been foolish enough to concede their heretical points of racialize theology as valid. If you tell these radicalized racialists they are right, then how dare you forbid them on their next point!? That, my friends, is even worse in their minds than a complete rebuff.

And this is why you have, with these Seminaries and related churches, an installation of tokens and trophies to visible but ultimately, insignificant positions. They are trying to appear to do a lot but truthfully, they are not. Now and then at churches, for example, you will find a bit more of a representation of blacks and browns but generally, in the institutional positions of real power and persuasion, you will discover mostly whites and will for a long time. But the time will come when it will be taken over and become a liberal social justice institution existing for some racial, ethnic or cultural cause and no longer a spiritual one.

And guess what will happen when the neighborhood becomes predominated by these Afrocentric theological leftists?

That’s right, a new institution in the Ecclesiastical suburbs will have arisen and we are right back where we started from. But it doesn’t have to be that way if we will tell the truth and insist on the truth with both parties.

The Answer

The answer lies in the Bible. For some, it seems, the Bible is simply not enough. But for others, they thirst and may I give you some water.

The day you decide to see the construct of the church as Christ intended, is the day this racial, ethnic and cultural census counting will end for you and emancipation from the enslavement of humanism within the church, begins.

You will understand what it means to be reconciled to your brother in Christ, without insisting on placing the unbiblical and damnable impediment of racial, ethnic or cultural reconciliation in the way of Christ’s fellowship between believers.

Further, you will be able to properly evaluate the spiritual fitness of a congregation through a Biblical spiritual barometer and not a humanistically racialized one which is seeks to enter God’s church through racial piety.

Let me be clear. Outside of the Kingdom on the right or the church, we do have the Kingdom on the left in which exists the divine institution of civil government or civil establishment of collective government along with the smaller divine institutions of family, marriage and the self. And on that side of the two-Kingdom design of humanity for this age, the age of the church, your race, ethnicity and culture and many other anthropological/human properties are critically important and relevant to your personal identity along with your community/cultural and state identity. And it is here where these human properties are affirmed in the varying contexts where their relevancy rises or falls with respect to importance.

So do not imagine for a moment I am suggesting your race, ethnicity or culture are null and void or of no importance or consequence. They are, but in their proper context which is in the Kingdom on the left, that of the world or human government.

But when it comes to the church and God’s people, if a man is fit for ministry it will have nothing to do with his race nor will his race be of any consequence to him in that regard. Rather, it will have to do with his spiritual fitness which will be comprised of his moral, ethical and theological soundness which will result in the church’s moral, ethical and theological soundness ending in their spiritual fitness, no matter the race of the man or his flock because, in a healthy church, it will be the spiritual race with a spiritual objective.

More on which to chew and may the eyes of many readers be provoked toward the light.