Monday, April 3, 2017


(The above is a parody of the sad, sad development which many are now witnessing as Evangelicals within the Evangelical church)

The nasty and abhorrent weaponizing of racial issues and in particular, some of its language, has now come full-force into the church as an acceptable practice in order silence objections and rebuttals. And the numerous Evangelical/Protestant voices which would ordinarily be expected to not only refute but rebuke the awfulness of this doctrine and its practice, are now self-suppressed and, as best I can tell, are hiding out - at least for the moment - at Coward’s Cove. I suspect this is lest they, too, be battered with the slimy, disgusting, reprehensible and demonically devised ordnance of the racist/racism label if they dare come to the aid of their comrade and more importantly, the truth.

Withdrawal is understandable when it involves one individual against company and when he likely realizes there is going to be little in the way of immediate and substantial assistance from those who claim to be colleagues with courage in a case where he has been whipped with the racism label by a squad of approved theological/ecclesiastical untouchables. What is not reasonable, however, is a group or groups, with substantial power, influence and God at their right hand (Psalm 16:8) while armed with God’s Word voluntarily muzzling themselves on such an occasion. There is little sympathy and comprehension regarding the silence of a man’s alleged peers, especially from well-funded and well-supplied legions.

To what do I allude?

I refer to a recent incident at what I view as Biblically unsound and truly spiritually counterproductive organization, Reformed African American Network and specifically from one of their podcasts, namely, the Truth’s Table Podcast, at which Todd Pruitt - a Presbyterian Minister and member of the Mortification of Spin blog/podcast effort (whom are, themselves (MOS), members of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals) – offered a critique of a podcast by the Truth’s Table members resulting in Todd Pruitt being assigned racism charges by the little Triumvirate who rule there.

In Todd’s words, where he wrote a response to the more than abominable reaction by Truth's Table in charging him with racism, he states at MOS under a blog post entitled No More Unto the Breach:
Much to the disappointment of many good friends I have made the decision to remove a critique I posted last week of a troubling podcast.

I was naive. Actually I feel quite stupid. When I saw the charges of racism being leveled against me just moments ago I decided immediately I would not subject my family or the church I serve to such wickedness.

Any of the dozens of pastors I heard from who were deeply troubled by the podcast are certainly welcome to speak out. I will not blame them if they don't. 

I've never been accused of being a racist before. When you see such a filthy charge in print it is stunning and sickening. I understand why it is such an effective tool to silence dissent.
In 2012 I wrote a blogpost warning about this and that it is coming to a church near you. It was titled, Reformed Blacks of America: A Closer Look at What is Really Being Promoted, A Christocentric Ecclesiology/Theology or Racially Narcissistic Afrocentrism? You would be Surprised and it is Coming to a Reformed/Calvinist or Evangelical Church Near You:

Well, it may not have come right to Todd’s church, but it has arrived at the doorstep of his life and ministry like the disease it is and he has robustly rejected the cataclysmic organization’s maliciousness as any kind of friend of him or his church.

Sadly, Pastor Pruitt was forced, tactically it appears, to express his repudiation in retreat. As I suggested earlier it was likely in knowing he is surrounded by pusillanimous leaders who feign fortitude with diminutive bullies but when the foe is Goliath, they run for the hills.

Awaken and Repent of your Dishonor, you Men of God

I can see no other way than to describe this as the modern monster for the Evangelical/Protestant church. Others and I, but not many, have written about the malady of Race Based Special Interest Theology invading the church. I have been called many names in doing this. Fine, I take them as they come because it only demonstrates a refusal by those derogating, to engage in debate. Ultimately, this means they do not have the truth as their interest rather, an agenda which they are unwilling to have scrutinized. That, my friend, is the work of lies and deception and we know who the father of that is.

If you are not sure how this contaminated fountain managed to be hooked up to the once theologically definitive and well-filtered water of the God’s Word in the Evangelical/Protestant church, it did so on the backs of American social racial policy which was turned from a civil/social argument to a moral one during the 1960’s. This was achieved through Martin Luther King and others who co-opted the Old Testament narrative of the enslavement of God’s people, the Hebrews, and Pharaoh’s refusal to give them their Divinely assigned right to freedom and pursuit of the grants given in the Divine Covenant to them from God. Thus, to deny civil rights was not simply a civil issue but suddenly it became a moral one through sloppy theology mixed with humanistic ideology.

Out of this began the misplaced admiration of using the church and its ministers as vehicles for civil rights efforts which was combined with the past failure of ecclesiastical racial discrimination (an error) which, when further mixed with a massive accumulation of endless white guilt foisted upon society as an incurable past offense (the wound that never heals) and the subsequent social black license granting the freedom to constantly accuse anyone challenging any effort by a black or other minorities, with racism, we have now permitted entrance into the church, a Frankenstein demon (with devastating practical results) perpetually equipped, by way of appallingly timid men, with an armament against which there is deliberately no defense.

Wake up, you fainthearted and poltroon so-called Commanders of all that is ecclesiastically right, before you authorize this theological Ogre to endlessly ravage God’s people. Arise and adjudicate with integrity and as champions of God’s truth!

What on God’s green earth is wrong with you Canonical Captains who are ostensibly Divinely titled to protect the flock? There be wolves spreading poison in the name of theological and spiritual nutrition and you stand there, with your boots welded to the ground by the solder of fear? Shame on you.

Peter and Paul – Pay Attention my Friends

The Apostle Peter instructs us in 2 Peter 2:9:
But you are a chosen race (γένος/genos), a royal priesthood, a holy nation (ἔθνος/ethnos), a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.
It is true, we are not a white church but we are not a black church, either. To be clear, we, the church, are of one (γένος/genos) and of one (ἔθνος/ethnos). Peter makes it clear that any form of human racial/ethnic interests being forwarded by the church is in conflict with this protocol. We are to identify within the church, collectively and as individuals, with regard to our unique spiritual properties. In other words, our human racial and ethnic properties are simply rendered anecdotal and our spiritual identity/person is preeminent and transcendent.

Paul magnifies this in 2 Corinthians 5:17:
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new (καινὴ/kainē) creature (κτίσις/ktisis); the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.
That means our spiritual and ecclesiastical identity is to be based in something not existing before which Paul makes clear, is that which we receive when we are born again (our spiritual resurrection hence, the spiritual man) which is our spiritual identity. The basis, then, for our fellowship and ecclesiastical/spiritual camaraderie cannot be via our human or anthropological person but the new person in which we all share the same race/ethnicity which is the chosen and spiritual race/ethnicity, the same doctrine or thinking which is God’s Word and the same culture, which is Christ.

Finally, John writes in 1 John 1:3-4:
what we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. 4 These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.
Ecclesiastical/Spiritual Fellowship is Spiritual

The basis of fellowship between believers is their spiritual person with its spiritual properties given to us in Christ, in spite of what the modern pestilence of Race Based Special Interest Theology says which is forwarded by Reformed Blacks of American and (RBA), Reformed African American Network (RAAN) and The Gospel Coalition through its very visibly celebrated personalities such as John Piper, Al Mohler, Tim Keller and Russell Moore and a host of ministerial sycophants clinging to the every word of their Gurus as volunteers in the Echo Squad.

Your silence, men who know with certitude that this is error and others whose spiritual instincts are disturbed enough not to re-broadcast the destructive narrative of Race Based Special Interest Theology, is simply unacceptable. You are responsible, whether you like it not, to speak up and intervene for Christ’s people. Those who are now either being slayed by its malignant mouthpieces or friends watching friends suffer such abuse, is all a shameful impotency as you act as mutes with unwilling hearts to devote yourselves to the theological formula needed to combat this heinous solecism. Your ignominy does not go unnoticed, if not now, certainly on that day our Savior will examine your works.

An Answer to Embrace

No one Christian Bible teacher can have every answer but what I have stated above is a fundamental theological prescription which stands on its own with easily drawn implications and applications.

God’s church, his people, will and do come from every single human genetic group on earth as we see in Rev. 7, in the description of the church triumphant. And that is a descriptive reference to inform us that it was not just the Hebrews but for all men Christ came to save and provide a new life, a spiritual life which provides communion with him and his children. Thus, here on earth, when a man or woman believes the gospel, he or she enters into a new body, Christ’s body. They are a new creature.

This is the preeminent message and paramount identity upon which new believer’s spiritual life, nay his or hers whole life, rests. So to add the leaven of social conquest to the purity of spiritual conquest and the related doctrines for our walk with Christ and together as a church, is malfeasance dear ministers.

How can we actually fellowship together as one body when humanly/anthropologically based special interests and fractures are actually promoted as a way of ecclesiastical/spiritual life? There is no such thing as black theology, white theology or Asian theology. African theology? No. Turkish theology? No. Russian theology? No.

It is only Christ’s theology. One Christ, one doctrine, one family and one source of our unique and shared spiritual DNA.


I get that there are social conflicts but that is the point. Those are social conflicts. Those are left kingdom pursuits. It is true that the Bible can inform the kingdom on the left but it certainly stops short of dogmatic prescription on almost every matter other than moral issues and doubtless, left kingdom quests are not the calling of God’s church. She is the kingdom on the right, a spiritual body with a spiritual mission.

Which is why, as I covered earlier, the issue of racial civil rights was deliberately equated to a moral issue. 

If something is morally wrong the Bible is clear and dogmatic, but in the case of racial/ethnic social interests and conflicts (whatever they be) the Bible is not dogmatic by any stretch so when we (and we have or allowed ourselves to accept this theological claim by others) manufacture a way to make these issues fall under the category of a Biblical absolute morality, then all we have to do to silence someone is call them a racist. Of course, no such equivalence exists in the Bible nor in any historical theology but this is exactly what has been done and now accepted by the Evangelical church.

It is a painful process to wake up from deception when you have swallowed it so eagerly with your ego fully invested. But when the terminating machine knocks at your door demanding you or your offspring, well, wakey-wakey time either arrives or the eternal grave of denial is dug.

Do you oppose civil rights? Are you a closet racist?

I do not oppose anyone seeking civil rights and if I agree that the rights they seek are legitimate, I will not only embrace their efforts but participate with them, at times, if my life permits such a use of my resources. Whatever label that earns me in your mind, so be it. Either you wish to have a dialog or debate or you prefer the easy route of posturing and the devilish treachery of defamation.

And yes, I believe the general efforts by blacks and other minorities for equal rights was constitutionally legitimate.


What I do not accept, on the other hand, are the pendulant excesses in response to past exclusion and mistreatment in some cases, which exists in today’s social formula in approaching black/white relationships and all other more broad civil constructs with conflict which is to disgustingly assign with presumption and malice, the guilt of racism toward those objecting to the voice of a racial/ethnic minority when an objection is raised. The reprehension of such a practice cannot be overstated.

And sadly, nay, more than sadly, rather with miserable despondence, we have in today’s Evangelical/Protestant church, men and women who are proud of such arrogance and antipathy as they swagger from church to church and blog to blog online, casting the dark shadow of racial accusation and guilt, day and day out. They trade in the diabolic merchandise of recklessly imputing unhallowed shame.

Where oh where are the men of God who will quit fearing this ungodly corner of leprosy and bring the cure of sound theology which our Savior provides in his Word? Where are the men of spiritual vibrancy able to cast out such theological brutes and rebuke these rapidly coagulating racial militants within the church?

I suppose they are simply too afraid. God help us.

*Rarely do I ask this but if you have read this and believe it to be a fair and considerable challenge, please share it. The church is truly being ravaged by this issue.


Anonymous said...

Racist ;)

This is also done by 'Christian' feminists, disagree and you're labelled a misogynist before they even take the time to understand what you said.


Anonymous said...

"I take them as they come because it only demonstrates a refusal by those derogating, to engage in debate. Ultimately, this means they do not have the truth as their interest rather, an agenda which they are unwilling to have scrutinized."

That's a gem, I need to remember it.


Anonymous said...

"I take them as they come because it only demonstrates a refusal by those derogating, to engage in debate. Ultimately, this means they do not have the truth as their interest rather, an agenda which they are unwilling to have scrutinized. That, my friend, is the work of lies and deception and we know who the father of that is."

This is a gem I need to remember.


Anonymous said...

Great piece. As kids we were not allowed to use the word "race". My parents reminded us that we are a human race. There are ethnicities. I got their point later, of course. But you are so right about the Holy Priesthood. That has to be the identifier or we have lost the plot. I get your point about a biblical moral argument. I also see that the Body made up of many parts and castes would be the model. Philomen is one of my favorite books. It has the cultural picture. The owner being persuaded to view his slave as a brother.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile , neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

But let's face it, we are way past this. We have moved, as a society, into offense for offense sake. I view the situation much like I view the Palestinian situation. Without an oppressed group, many people have no way to feel pious. They would lose not only their identity but many would lose position as leaders making money off the oppression business. What could be better than independent, self determined citizens using their talents and gifts?

Booker T in his book, Up From Slavery, said the biggest barrier he faced in training blacks to be the very best at a skill or trade were not white people but black preachers. Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

I ran across this after reading your OP.


Alex A. Guggenheim said...

Lydia - I think you've offered the most quotable line of the year.

"Without an oppressed group many people have no way to feel pious".

I went and read the McKissic article. Though he is obsessed, in my view, with his racial and cultural identity, he does make the point about optics and since these men are self-proclaimed champions of racial/cultural diversity, he asks the obvious question why is the seminary faculty is so white; which is a fair question for those who believe in taking a racial/ethnic census to prove spiritual health as these men often do.

Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts and for the link!


Panharith said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm familiar with Chafer and Gromacki, but not Heibert and Naselli. I'll check them out.

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