Monday, August 8, 2016

A good two-kingdom argument for Trump...

Over at Balyblog, Tim Bayly has a new post composed of my response to the issue of voting for Donald Trump. Please take my recommendation and click on the blog title above and read the article.


William H. Smith said...

Alex, I don't know if you have had interactions with the Bayly brothers before or not, but just in case you have not, do not put much stock in the thus far respectful treatment of you. The Baylys use posts such as yours as foils. Tim is nothing less than vicious in his treatment of others. In the end the Bayly brothers respect no opinions save their own and those who have the "wisdom" to agree with them.

Alex A. Guggenheim said...


Thank you for stopping by and sharing your concerns. Frankly, I am far more surprised I am not engaged in more scrimmages, myself.

As to the conclusions you've shared, I do believe you have your reasons and are sincere. I, myself, have a number of people and groups online and particularly with blogs, whom I've discovered to be much the way you described so I am familiar with that concept.

As to the Baylys and in this case, Tim, he was interested in hosting my Two Kingdom argument for Trump, with which he does not necessarily agree (he may be considering some points though since he did find value in the material) and in my view, friend, foe, stranger or ghost, I'll accept the opportunity anywhere possible to forward this view at such a critical juncture.

As well, in hosting my arguments I would be less than the gentleman to which I aspire to do less than thank him both at his blog and bring attention to it, here.

I have posted comments there before and they weren't under the guise of kumbaya. Again, note is taken and thank you for stopping by.

William H. Smith said...

Just wanted to share a friendly word with you for what it might be worth. (I, too, am 2K, though coming from a Reformed perspective.) I am sure, as a veteran of the blogging wars, you will handle Tim's response, when it comes, very well.

Anonymous said...

Well, who would have thought it! Watched the BBC World coverage of the election results (in Germany) from about 4:00 am until breakfast. It had a distinct feeling of deja vue, in that Brexit was likewise unexpected by an establishment that had got out of touch with a section of the electorate, and ignored it for years at their peril.

There were even Democrat millenials doing the 'they are all uneducated, racists and bigots' spiel, precisely the accusation levelled at pro-Brexit supporters.

I couldn't but be amused at how gobsmacked the BBC presenters were at just how wrong the polsters, pundits and political commentators all were.

There are elections coming up in several European countries next year, and the same phenomenon is likely to occur if the established parties do not wake up and smell the coffee. The Alternative for Germany has been treated as a pariah party by the other German parties, but continues to garner support.

At least Trump is keen on doing a trade deal with Britain, which is nice compared to the desire to 'punish' the country for voting to leave the EU.