Friday, May 6, 2016



I, a Christian, like many of you, have been watching and analyzing the myriad of responses by Christians and beyond, to so-called conservatives and Republican party members in dealing with what they view as a dilemma of conscience or principle with regard to voting for Donald Trump. I’d say I am bewildered by the pious posturing on the matter by Christians but I am not, considering the wretched condition of conservative Evangelical/Protestant theology, particularly on topics such as the two kingdoms of civil authority vs ecclesiastical authority, never mind peripheral or ancillary doctrines as they relate to this issue.

And so along the way I read an article at National Review, a neo-conservative organization that has made its primary goal, for the time being, to still stop Donald Trump. Thus, I left a comment. It has its share of “comments made in a hurry on a small device” typos so what you will read here will be its cleaned up and edited version.

And let me be clear. I believe this minority group who claim some matter of principle or conscience or any combination of their personal nobility, to be in jeopardy were they to vote for Donald Trump, are a group who are delusional with respect to reality and their objections, themselves, are based on arrogance and ideological self-righteousness.

Personally, I will be happy to vote for Donald Trump, not because I approve of his weaknesses, not because I condone his private lifestyle and not even because I think he will always side with what is best. However, what I have to say below makes it clear as to what choice must be made.

1. Donald Trump is a nationalist and capitalist, both ideologically and in practice. Hillary is a socialist and internationalist, both in ideology and practice. That is a major chasm.

2. SCOTUS now has two radical left judges and with Scalia gone, the balance of power to the radical left will be a certainty with Hillary. But with Trump, he will doubtless retain the balance to the right. The decades long damage that a radical left SCOTUS would do will far out live Hillary or Trump and will be passed on to your children.

3. Trump will be a Republican President working with a Republican congress. All of the unlawful executive orders will be addressed and removed by Trump, not Hillary.

4. Trump wants to protect Christian expression, Hillary is clear she will continue Obama's position of shaming, punishing and oppressing Christian expression.

5. Obamacare is crushing people. It will be removed and replaced with a GOP plan (see Heritage Foundation) plan under Trump. Under Hillary it will continue its relentless assault on families, healthcare and the economy.

6. The U.S. Attorney General's office will have integrity restored and governmental and civilian offenders prosecuted under Trump. You will get answers to the IRS scandals and beyond but not under Hillary.

7. Illegal immigration will aggressively be addressed under Trump, not Hillary who is an internationalist. Radicals pouring through will be stopped, a wall built and real border control established.

8. Our military strength and dignity will certainly be restored under Trump, he is a super-patriot and nationalist but not under Hillary, it will continue in its demoralized pc path.

9. Trump plans to demand more from our allies. Europe has built their economies on our backs since WW2. We have invested in protecting the world while few of them have been forced to spend their money on a military defense that could protect them for more than a week. They love socialism at our expense, it is time they pay for the luxury of their socialism with its alleged free healthcare and education and not me and you with our tax money. Trump wants to start making them accountable. Hillary? She has no vision other than managing our downgrade day-to-day.

10. Trump wins and loves this country with no apology, Hillary is Obama, apologizing for our greatness.
Finally, all you would be nobles who think you are smarter than Donald Trump, ask yourself what business empire have you built? Likely, yours is in your mind, with words, dreams and sophomoric ideas of how things should be. Donald Trump sees it as it is which is why he beat the odds and crushed his opponents and built a business empire, like him or not, and you?

As a father? His children are his best evidence of his core values and what he passes on to others.

And now you're concerned about his experience. Tell me what George Bush's experience got us? Nixon's?

Eisenhower had only military experience and we prospered. Why? Because his winning habits which made him a four-star translated to political leadership. Please save us all the no-political experience mantra, it's a deficit in leadership experience which has been costing this nation for the last seven years, not political experience.

It is successful leadership at a high level which Donald Trump has, already, and will translate into national leadership in the White House. He is a problem solver.

Hillary isn't a leader and never has been, she is a speech-maker and an instigator and did little as a Senator and failed as Sec. of State, miserably. Her track record is one of deception and fraud in politics.

I don't know what is wrong with some of you other than your egos being too invested in your opposition to Trump in the primary where you cannot bring yourselves to now support the presumptive nominee but reading the list above the choice is clear.

If you stay home, refuse to support or vote for a third party and claim to be conservative, a Republican or even libertarian or some other non-liberal Dem or Christian with a conscience (of which I am), you are only enabling Hillary and her agenda.

And let me be clear, this sanctimony about your Christian conscience leading you to not support Trump is refuse, dung, it is horse droppings, in light of who and what you are going to aid in failing cooperate in the defeat of Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House.

The consequences of your non-participation will result in you empowering Hillary to do all of the above mentioned in the negative, none of which Trump will do. How in heaven or even hell, can you say with a straight face, that this is a matter of conscience when you will implement, through your passivity, the very things against which you've fought under Obama?

What is wrong with you people? Are you really so invested in some utopian idea of what you wish that you will help facilitate the further and rapid degradation of this nation and certainly the radicalization of SCOTUS?

You selfish and self-righteous sons of Baal, how dare you be so arrogant to think your vote is about just you and not this nation. Quit thinking like narcissistic children and grow up and face the reality that until Jesus comes God uses all kinds of crooked sticks to do his will and he'll use Hillary, too, to teach you a lesson because suffering under Obama apparently hasn't been enough for your narcissistic baby boomer selves.


terriergal said...

"I believe this minority group who claim some matter of principle or conscience or any combination of their personal nobility, to be in jeopardy were they to vote for Donald Trump, are a group who are delusional with respect to reality and their objections, themselves, are based on arrogance and ideological self-righteousness."

Gee thanks.

Alex A. Guggenheim said...

Two things:

1. I'm not under the impression everyone opposed to Trump qualified as such thus, I am only speaking to those I described.

2. You know I do not stifle comments. Rebut my points and make your case why you or anyone is justified in aiding Hillary.

Trump just recently agreed to appoint conservative judges and would sign a pledge doing so. He has already reached out to Congress.

I do not believe opposition to Trump is based in much more than dislike of his strong personality and not his proposals and stated objectives which are generally conservative down the line.

Anonymous said...

Alex - your point 9 struck me, so I’d like to comment before this goes out of date!

You may well have a point that some Europeans who are so critical of America are hypocritical if they do this yet expect America to save them from external threats militarily if they occur. There have certainly been many over here who have appreciated the American military presence. I suspect George W. squandered quite a bit of this goodwill.

Some British also resented the amount of scarce money and resources Britain spent on re-arming for the Cold War compared with their continental neighbours. This is not just a US complaint!

The post-war rebuilding of Europe was indeed assisted with American finance, but that is now rather a long time ago. (The British also think Europeans should still be grateful for 1940 and D-Day).

I don’t think there has been any direct subsidy of European welfare provision by US taxpayers unless you try to make the case that this social expenditure should have been directed instead to making Europe more militarily independent of the US contribution.

Healthcare is not free, rather (at least in post-war Britain) is ‘free at the point of use’. The idea was to get away from the lack of provision for too much of the (poorer) population that occurred before the war. I was gob smacked to find even my father voted Labour in 1945 after the war for this reason! Only once though. A chunk of my German salary goes directly into healthcare provision every month. I do understand the problems of socialised provision, with the potential for taxing the hard working to pay for the lazy and indolent. The debate is whether this is worse than some people not getting any real provision at all. Even the Conservatives would have introduced some kind of national health service had they won in 1945.


Alex A. Guggenheim said...


I am not anti-social programs, per as but in our case, unlike much of central and northern Europe, we have a great imbalance with regard to super-producers, producers vs. the dependent and super-dependent classes.

We are at about a 35 - 40% productive and wealth creating class and 45% dependent class. That needs to be about 65% to 35% respectively at its worst.

And the level of benefits given to our dependent class is substantial which incldes Medicaid for non-seniors and Medicare for 65 and above which is essentially a National Health Care for Seniors.

Our contribution to Europe's protection isn't direct as it was right after World War II but is still substantial in that as you noted Europe has not had to invest hundreds of billions of dollars in the military to protect themselves and have remained srategically dependet upon us.

Of course part of that had to do with the results of World War 2 which Donald Trump now recognizes that there may have been a shift in realities which may necessitate the freeing of some countries for the development of their military preparedness including the use of the development and use of nuclear weaponry.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex

I don't know the proportion of producers to dependents in Europe, but the 'dependency culture' was something Mrs Thatcher was determined to try to reduce.

British military spending has increased of late, with the RAF being brought more up to strength and the money found to equip the two new aircraft carriers that are currently being built. The decline in spending in the rest of Europe has been halted, mainly by the actions of Russia in the east of the Ukraine. With budgets always under strain, it is difficult to get the population to be happy with increases in the defence budget though! A more isolationist Trump presidency would concentrate minds.


KazKan said...

I preface by stating that I am a Christian and a 40+ year Republican and I concede, though it is by a very small degree, that America and the Christians living within its borders will be slightly better off not having Clinton as President.

Now I will take up your invitation to rebut your points:

1.As a Christian, why should the fact that Trump is a "Nationalist" and a "Capitalist" make him more appealing than Clinton? When I read those terms, I see "Arrogance" and "Greed" which he indeed speaks and displays convincingly.

2. Republican Presidents do not guarantee Conservative Supreme Court Justices. Burger, Blackmun and Powell (all Nixon appointees) gave us the Roe vs Wade decision. Stevens (Ford appointee), Kennedy (Reagan appointee and the swing vote in latest decision to impose abortion as law) and Souter (Bush 41 appointee) are hardly pillars of Conservatism.

3. Republican congress is fractured, lost and lead by some of the most overtly self-serving politicians in recent memory (Sen Maj Ldr McConnell and Speaker Ryan). The Senate may not even stay Republican, making any movement of a conservative agenda a non-starter.

4. Protecting Christian expression while crushing and deporting all others, that certainly is comforting and praiseworthy.

5. Agree that Affordable Care Act is bad, but the GOP plan to let insurance companies run healthcare is just as bad.

6. In the last four decades this has essentially been a political appointment to further the agenda of the party occupying the oval office, not a bastion of justice for all. From Nixon's John Mitchell to Bush 43's Gonzalez, the litany of questionable integrity to outright criminality is too long to list here.

7. Total bunk. Republicans hate taxes and love to dump billions into building weapons. Where is the money coming from to cordon off 2,000 miles of border with an impregnable wall? Besides, Trump is a smart businessman and knows that the US economy rolls on the backs of undocumented workers.

8. Good thing he really likes Putin, since Ol'Vlad is going to own all of Europe in the next few years, knowing that Trump won't lift a finger to help those European freeloaders. At least we'll have our wall.

9. See #8 above.

10. Trump loves himself more than this country, and more troubling, loves himself more than God.

Nope, you are correct, I'm not as smart as Trump, and I've only had one bankruptcy so I obviously cannot match his business prowess of having four of them (its just good business, I know). Agree that Hillary has few if any leadership skills; Trump, I'm not sure he is a leader as much as he is a dealer. But don't let me rain on your parade, I'll just pray that whoever wins will be humble enough seek God's wisdom and follow it.

Trump...well, good luck with that.

Alex A. Guggenheim said...

Thank you for stopping by and offering your rebuttal. Allow me a return.

1. Nationalism is arrogance? Capitalism is greed? This is all you define these as? Wow. These are concepts of sovereignty and economic freedom. Can they be misused? Sure but their fundamental design has been used to build the freest nation and most powerful nation on earth. You have something better in mind here on earth that actually works other than on paper?

2. GOPers do not guarantee conservative judges but Hillary will guarantee a radical leftist SCOTUS for decades. The choice is pretty clear.

3. Congress is fractured, just like it was before Reagan and leadership came in. As well, when Gingrich showed up, he accomplished a great deal. The problem is the void of leadership. You actually believe Clinton is going to provide any of that? At least Trump has a history of leadership in business and on a rather large scale.

4. Who said anything about crushing others? Trump hasn't. But deporting illegals? Yes and you have a problem with that? Deporting visitors who express anti-American sentiments, yes, you have a problem with that? I am sure in your own home you would deport both.

5. Actually the GOP just released a comprehensive plan, you must have missed it because it does not reflect what you described. BTW, since Obamacare, the rates for those forced to use it have skyrocketed. It hasn't brought costs down but crippled many people.

6. See the recent situation with Clinton and it will only triple now that her career of corruption has been rewarded by the AG. I agree that the appointment is political but still, many have pursued much more a semblance of justice than this administration but let me guess, your cynicism excuses you from admitting that one is far less likely to practice corruption than the other because they all use the power of the AG for their administrative goals which is, btw, legitimate with respect to valid priorities and limited resources?

7. You seem to believe you can read minds and the future. The GOP should spend billions and billions more on military preparedness. That is how we stay free. The money exists, btw, for a wall. It is a reallocation of already existing funds, particularly foreign aid to certain countries.

8.Trump has never said he would not lift a finger and you know that is a dishonest representation of what he said on the matter. I am wondering if you wish to be taken seriously. Russia couldn't take Europe if it tried. It has no money right now. Trump expects Europe to defend itself, you seem to have a problem with that as if we are obligated to use our wealth to underwrite their military so they can keep up the facade of their failing socialism?

9. See #8 above.

10. No doubt you love God more than us all. Sorry but you response begs the sarcasm.

Well, Trump did meet with a number of Evangelicals, Hillary, not so much. It might not be what you want but maybe, just maybe, this request of yours is being answered, slowly. Sometimes God is working with crappy humans and it takes a bit of time but Trump has the door opened to them, at least and Hillary, not a chance.