Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: When Theological Discovery Leads to Adjornment of Certainty

Back in September I published a post on the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, i.e., the unforgivable sin. I believe I posted that article too soon, hence, I have remitted it and saved it in draft form.

After further study, I have come to believe that while much of the post was correct, and specifically that this sin cannot be committed today, I am not fully confident that the interpretation I offered is one to which I can answer in good conscience, thus, it is on hold.

There is a key portion of the passage, the issue of unforgiveness now or in the age to come, which still has not been reconciled satisfactorily and having come upon some material that introduced me to further consideration which was sufficient enough for me to recognize I had not vetted this option, I concluded that I need to step back and revisit the issue more comprehensively before publishing.

Thus, if you look for the post it is not currently published. My apologies.

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