Friday, October 11, 2013

Did You Know It Is Red October?

Over at Faith & Heritage, you can and should read about Red October. If you are unaware of it, ever since the apartheid government was abolished in South Africa and the African National Congress (ANC) became the major ruling party (which is represented by blacks), the brutality by black Africans against white Africans has accelerated at a pace rarely seen in allegedly democratic states. It is alarming to say the least, some use the term "genocide".

Many Christians simply don't want to perform their due diligence with regard to racial issues. They have a narrative which betrays them, both black and white and those of other groups as well. In Christ, we are brothers in sisters, but the church is not the basis for nationalism nor are governments and its people's under any such ecclesiastical protocols seeing that outside of the church men and women in large numbers are pagan, heathen, bewitched by demonic religions which stifled freedom and destroy human dignity and so on. 

Hence, governments or "states" are formed so that men may live in an agreed upon state. And South Africa, until 1992, had an agreed upon state of living by its founders and constitution, one of great prosperity and advanced civilization. Some have objected that is practiced racial segregation and preference and t is true there was racial segregation but to what are you appealing? Certainly there is no command or edict in God's Word which condemns such a state by men and in fact, commends such a state if such a state exists as a state of freedom, protection and perpetuity of its people.

Under its new form of government, South Africa and its major cities have not only destabilized but have become places of constant brutality and crime by blacks against whites. Once pristine areas are now slums. 

As its founders and architects understood, the advanced civilization of South Africa depended on white genetic properties and their products, collectively. There is no equal or co-existence in peace possible in South Africa with whites and blacks. Whites and blacks, while being equally or quantitatively human are not qualitatively equal as collectives. Hence their products and the temperamental requirements both individually and collectively for a state's success are betrayed when the group with the inferior properties and capacities becomes the ruling class.

No matter what is given, collectively, to the black in South Africa, they cannot match the average IQ. of the white (and the correlating disposition which comes with the greater average IQ. which is self-regulation, impulse control, innovative mentality, personal independence and responsibility and all of this is necessary in an advanced civilization) thus, as they live together in a vain attempt, the black will always know their work and its products are less than their white neighbor. And they will forever be resentful.

These two groups must separate for their own sake as they once did. The South African blacks produce exceptions to the rule of their average IQ. on a rare scale. They will never, on average, produce children who are above their IQ. average, thus unable to produce the eventual leaders and innovators to perpetuate the advanced civilization in which the live at the level that the whites can and will.

The white South Africans have a right to their destiny as the blacks claim. And not only have the whites been dispossessed of this heritage but now they are being brutalized in every conceivable manner by blacks, never mind the black on black brutalization. Hence, it is Red October month. And what is that? Here is a brief quote from the article and I encourage you to read the article and explore the website:

A campaign to publicly protest the genocide and oppression of white people in South Africa has finally been launched. The Red October campaign will stage marches in opposition to the oppressive anti-white government of South Africa on the 10th of October, the birthday of one of the greatest statesmen in Boer history, President Paul Kruger.


Adi said...

Thanks for the link to the piece. You also made some good comments. I would add that ethno-states (and consequently ethno-nationalism) is not only compatible with Scripture, but encouraged by it (Acts 17:26-27), as this more clearly represents the divine social order than multiculturalism/integration does.

Alex Guggenheim said...


I am reading and learning more about its arguments. Thanks for the response.