Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Calvinist Asks...

The Calvinist often asks the following question, imagining it to be so clever that it undoes the Biblical doctrine of Christ having died for all men that all men may be saved:
Q. If Jesus died for everyone then why isn't everyone saved? If he paid the price for their sin, then why do some still get sentenced to what is described as a "lake of fire" which is eternal separation from God?
I wish I had a dollar for every beginner Calvinist who asked this question because the obvious seems to escape them. But allow me to answer for the benefit of the Calvinist and the remainder of my readers.
A. When Christ died on the cross, was anyone saved only by virtue of Christ dying for their sins or did it remain that they must exercise faith? Ah yes, it remained that they must exercise faith.

So Calvinist, even you had to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. His dying on the cross did not automatically save you. Hence, what our Lord did was satisfy God the Father which was, that this work of Christ, his payment on the cross, was sufficient to pay for the sins of mankind. However, this gift of salvation is only applied toward you if you will accept it by faith. The Bible is explicit, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved" and "By faith you are saved". So, when Christ died on the cross, it provided the sufficiency for your salvation but it did not include in it the act of faith which subsequently is required for Christ's work to be applied to you by God the Father, hence saving you from being judged on your own merits. And some do not. Some opt for their own sufficiency and will be judged on those merits and the Bible is clear about that outcome.
Class dismissed and have a wonderful Lord's day.

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Not sure how to "follow" your blog, but appreciate your thoughts, and this one made me smile. God bless you, Holly Garcia

(Btw, taking forever to leave a comment, keeps saying my characters don't match, but I am blonde, so I will keep trying)

Alex Guggenheim said...

Thank you. What I noticed about having to give the characters in order to validate that you are a real person is that sometimes they have a number which is very hard to notice because it appears differently. So a lot of the times people will enter just the alphabet and never notice the number characters.