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Be Careful of the Pharisees Who Wish to Punch on Jack Schaap. What They Really Want is to Draw You to Themselves

I did not intend to sustain writing on the Jack Schaap issue but I believe there is a second note to be played, loudly and clearly, for those of you who believe the sirens of warning about First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, their college, Hyles-Anderson as well as their former Pastors, Jack Hyles, and “fallen” Pastor, Jack Schaap. I have read many interesting comments by “Christians”, particularly former Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IFB's) and conservative Evangelicals and there is something of which you need to be aware. And let me say, once again, I am not a Fundamentalist or an Evangelical by self-identification. I am some of both but none of either whole. I am, at best, an Independent Christian of both Protestant and Baptistic doctrine. So I have no acre to defend other than Christ’s body to which Fundamentalists and Evangelicals belong and both deserve our greatest consideration.

Opportunity Knocks for the Disingenuous

The wolf comes, not clothed as an abuser but as an angel of light and right now the fall of Jack Schaap is a great time for wolves. It is strategy time. You see, the spiritual wolf hunts the vulnerable and what better time than now? Now is when people allow themselves to be outraged and shocked by a circumstance far removed from their own life, particularly for the many who insist on being very vocal about the matter. And this circumstance is one with which they can easily identify and succumb to the temptation to reopen some real or imaginary wound from their past so they can be part of the "Let’s Punch Jack Schaap and FBCH” party.

Now you might not be a wolf but right beside of you, the Word of God promises, along will come a wolf to commiserate with you. They will echo your hurt, anger, hatred and whatever other bad feelings have come up regarding Jack Schaap and his adulterous tryst with the teenager to which he has admitted, per FBCH. In fact, the wolf will come along and tell you how bad the whole church is, the Board of Deacons, Jack Schaap, Jack Hyles and the college, itself. And some of it may even be true, maybe a lot!

Any and all truth and/or rumor you speak will be amplified by the wolf. At times the wolf will sense that you and others who are vulnerable, need the way led to deeper dissatisfaction and a more thorough expression of your abhorrence of all things Hyles-Schaap, FBCH and Hyles-Anderson College. The wolf will eventually find the rhythm and you will begin to dance, faster and faster, more ecstatic as time goes by until you are raptured by the overwhelming pleasure of the communal exercise of loathing someone or something else.

But Isn’t It True, That Hyles/Schaap Taught and Practiced Error…Etc?

At this point some might ask themselves whether or not Hyles and Schaap were wolves and whether or not I should be writing about them. Well, friend, I could write about their errors, but three things stand out in consideration of that:

1. They are both gone from ministry.
2. Their errors exist on the internet in plethora for anyone with half-a-wit to discover if they will go just beyond completely lazy to somewhat lazy and do a search.
3. They aren’t the immediate threat at the moment, it’s the other wolves who now want you as their merchandise.

Indeed it is true,  Hyles and Schaap did teach and practice errors. In fact, I would say that Jack Hyles was one of the most dysfunctional personalities with regard to sound doctrine and proper hermeneutics which the Independent Fundamentalist Baptists have had identified with their movement in the last sixty years and which Jack Schaap was all too happy to continue in his ministry. But this is not to say Hyles and Schaap were forever wrong, no, no. They did commit many righteous acts and communicated the gospel of salvation in places far beyond any measure of most. And that is to be left for the Lord to count, worthy or not, at the Bema Seat. But this does not mean we cannot see and identify error when it occurs.

One of Hyles’ most popular but errant books was entitled Meet the Holy Spirit. I can only suggest you read it to discover its heretical parts. But that is the nature of heresy, it mixes orthodoxy with error and that is precisely what Hyles did in this book. In fact, heresy relies on orthodoxy to bring itself into a body of doctrine. Peter (2 Peter 2:1b) describes heresy as being "secretly" introduced. The word secret, (παρεισάγω) pareisagó means to place something along side of something else (in order to hide it). Oddly, however, you will still find this some of the proprietary doctrine of Hyles’ about God the Holy Spirit floating around in Calvinistic/Reformed Evangelical circles today. A circle, I might add, which has some of the loudest critics of Hyles, Schaap and FBCH. It is ironic to say the least.

So What Warning am I Giving?

Understand that you need to be warned about false teachers and have them pointed out. I have repeatedly warned you about *John Piper and pointed out his errors but what you will not see is me encouraging anyone engaging in personal attacks or celebrations of humiliation in his life or the lives of any errant Christian brother because frankly, the Bible forbids this. This does not mean scandalous events cannot be discussed and learn from but its discussion cannot be in a self-righteous manner, ever.

And this is the warning I am giving you. There are many out there who want to enlist you in their movement. They want to take your disaffection from your experience with some ministry and capitalize on it. The truth is you are just as much merchandise to them as you were to those who injured you before. But they happily give you a spot in their harem of disciples as a place of love, sympathy and with “No Abuse Here” signs hanging everywhere if you are willing to be a gullible victim.

Pay Attention to the Obvious – Stop for a moment, before you get all disaffected and throw the baby out with the bath water and decide to enlist in what you are convinced is some extra-enlightened, super-sensitive and spiritually elitist organization and pay attention to what they are doing with Jack Schaap! They are beating up on a dead body, so to speak, a man who has been removed from the ministry. To them, he isn’t someone to care for, to pray for, to pity and to find a way to aid in resuscitating him to spiritual life. He is merchandise that is no good to them so what are they doing to this Christian brother and the church, itself? Right, they are eating it because they are wolves! It's dinner time for these sharped toothed Canis.

And if you think that this will not happen to you, you are ripe for the taking my friend. Watch out for those who wish to commiserate with you and teach you the way of anger, hate, and perpetual victimization and so on. Once they have you in their grasp and have caused your affection to fix on them, they own you and will heap on you their own special set of rules which, slowly but surely, will be rules you are expected to observe. And if you dare move away from their doctrine, their clan, or do not follow their Philosopher-King (thank you Paul Dohse),  you will be abused in a way which will make Jack Schaap’s clumsiness look like the blessings of a fool.

Ax-Grinders and Abuse Networks Might be the Source of Your Next Abuse Experience

Abuse, real abuse, is something which must be identified and remedied. Sometimes it requires removing yourself from a job, confronting someone at a job, removing yourself from a marriage, confronting someone in a marriage, moving yourself from a church or confronting someone in a church and so on. Abuse covers the range of minor to major. Sometimes it comes in common forms and sometimes it comes in shocking forms. So it must be understood that it exists and does so in many forms.

Negative experiences, no matter what they are, but particularly abusive ones, leave us hurt. That hurt, that injury, must be dealt with. It may even leave a scar or leave us crippled in some form of fashion. But understand, it cannot define us, it cannot be our banner. We cannot and should not choose as our colors or flag,  one that has the view that we are forever victims.

There must come a point where we learn from our being a person who has been abused and apply those truths in our lives and remedy ourselves so that we are freed from its inherent capacity to makes us permanent victims in our mind. We must identify who hurt us, understand how it came about, speak truthfully about who they are and about ourselves, understand what options, if any, we may have ignored and if were completely innocent, understand that as well and mature from it.

However, today we have an industry of abuse networks and churches which do not always have this in mind. They are an industry of permanent victimization. That is to say, once a victim always a victim and you are to live life and react to life as a victim. Now such industries won’t come out and say this but this is the attitude they foster (this is not an indictment of all such groups who help victims of abuse, only those that meet this description).

And unfortunately, this doctrine of hyper-sympathy and hyper-empathy teaches us to over-identify with others so that their hurt becomes our hurt thus, our energies must be used to resolve, if only in our own mind, the issues of another which we really have never experienced. It actually forms a mental imbalance in the mind in the over-identification. This is passed off as “love”. It is, in fact, a grotesque distortion of real love and real care.

This kind of mentality, while its doctrines are formulated at the top by victim-industry leaders, has bled down into our society and ultimately into our churches. Hence, when there are ecclesiastical victims it is proselytizing time for the wolves. Time to gather up the injured and convince them that membership into the “Perpetual Victims and Ax-Grinders Society” is the safest place they can ever be because, after all, the cancer of unforgiveness and permanent bitterness is little price to pay to have people sympathetic and empathetic toward us at the highest levels.

Abuse Needs Remedied, Not Taught as a Wound to Keep Bleeding

Someone who truly loves you will help you identify what it is you have gone through, why it occurred, who the parties were that abused you, the what’s and why’s of the abuser’s choices and your choices in the matter if relevant and how you can place yourself in a position of strength so that you are far less likely to be a victim again and instead, one who lives life from a fortress of objectivity and strength.

Ex: Suppose you were reared in a home where your sister was abusive. She physically beat you. Through this you develop a sense of weakness and believe that it is okay for those related to you to physically assault you since this is what you were used to.

Bad Remedy: You go to a counselor and the counselor listens and feels very sorry for you and holds you when you cry. Does this get you anywhere? No.

Good Remedy: You go to a counselor and the counselor helps you identify where your sister violated boundaries which you were unable or unskilled at setting and enforcing. And the counselor teaches you how to understand why such boundaries are legitimate and the how and when to enforce them, as well as helping you deal with the false guilt that accompanies changing weak personal dynamics to strong personal dynamics. Your crying and feeling bad is something the counselor will care about, momentarily, when you have emotional spells as you go through this re-training, but the counselor knows that the objective isn’t sympathy but help and empowerment for self-protection and growth. The counselor isn’t there to help you better learn to hate others or learning to crusade and over-identify with other victims in the future so you can constantly relive your past abuse. Instead the counselor is there to aid the former victim in giving them the remedy they need to place themselves in a position of strength and not view themselves and live their lives as a perpetual victim, angry, hurt and reacting the the events in the lives of others with over-identification through hyper-sympathy and hyper-empathy, resulting in mental and emotional imbalance and at times all the way up to very prominent self-righteous crusading.

So understand, whether formally or informally, there are people who prey on your having negative experiences. They will draw you (this is, by the way, something cults are quite adept in doing) to themselves or their group through such pity-parties. But be aware, once in, getting out might be harder than even getting away from your bully sister because to become unlike them, to change and become independent, is to threaten their co-dependent way of life.

Let This Mind Be in You

What mind is to be in us? The mind of Christ is to be in us. God made in clear:

Philippians 2:5a
Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

Of course the context is one of the humility of Christ in being a human but it does not dissuade us from understanding and having in us the entire mind of Christ. That is the full end of the command. We are to respond to life from a divine viewpoint, not a personal one. The personal one feels good and it can be personal, so to speak, when divine viewpoint rules our person, but when it is not ruled by divine viewpoint, for the Christian, responding to life from a personal viewpoint can have tragic consequences.

Rightly Rebuking – Our Lord rightly rebuked those who needed rebuking. What I do find very interesting is that they were those who considered themselves the most righteous and were always trying to find someone who could legally be condemned in some fashion. So these Pharisees used the technical failings and sins of others to try to force our Lord to join them in their condemnation and if he did not condemn them, they thought, in turn, they could condemn our Lord since they knew, deep in their hearts, he was a truly righteous man.

Instead, our Lord, very often, turned the tables on them and showed them their ugly self-righteous hatred which was fueling them in their crusade. So be careful Christian, there is a time and place for rebuking what is in error but don’t you be fueled by arrogance against the sins of another for your personal crusade.

Jesus rebuked Peter when he let his disposition get the better of himself in cutting off the ear of the servant of the high priest, yet, our Lord did not go on a crusade to diminish public opinion about Peter, now did he?

As well, the merchandisers at the Temple, our Lord rebuked them but did he try to use this occasion to recruit others to his cause through emphasizing the injury of their sinful methods and practices? No! Because our Lord was not a wolf. His objective was for them to correct themselves, not for others to hate them (though in their wolf-like condition our Lord warned of them unless they did correct themselves).

And so, this is not to say our Lord drew back from publicly humiliating arrogant men, he did, with his clever us of satire and other rhetorical devices. No suggestion is being made that both, issues and men in error, cannot be publicly approached. Rather, they must be bound by Biblical principles in doing so.


Be careful friend. While you might have many legitimate objections to Jack Schaap, Jack Hyles, or the doctrinal and practical products of FBCH and Hyles-Anderson College or some other ministry, make sure you aren’t basing the formation of your current spiritual and social interaction on your commiseration of these. But then, maybe you like being wounded and perpetually bleeding so you can use it as a bludgeon on the head of any and all that might, even in the slightest way, fit the description of your assailant. Either way, the wolves are waiting so be sure you are not ripe for the taking.

*Addendum: I do not identify John Piper as a categorical false teacher though he is heretical in some of his doctrines. That is, he does confess orthodoxy and abides by it to a significant degree within his ministry. But I do consider John Piper to teach some significant errors and to pose a threat to sound hermeneutics, hence a very strong warning is given with regard to anyone using his material. I do not recommend it and frankly discourage its use and do not believe one can effectively reach any real measure of spiritual maturity through his teaching but I cannot say with a good conscience, at this point, that he is a false teacher.


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"Someone who truly loves you will help you identify what it is you have gone through, why it occurred, who the parties were that abused you, the what’s and why’s of the abuser’s choices and your choices in the matter if relevant and how you can place yourself in a position of strength so that you are far less likely to be a victim again and instead, one who lives life from a fortress of objectivity and strength. "

You are singing my song. So many times those wounded will get right back into another group and the cycle continues because they are following man instead of Christ and do not realize this.

Alex Guggenheim said...

I have always thought of the cycle as someone who is caught in a 24/7 life of the Nancy Grace television program. Phew! Thank you for sharing.

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Sir: Without You Maybe Realizing It; But, You've Just Described THE SATANIC-VATICANIST ROMAN-"CATHOLIC" CULTIC "JE[W]SUITS" &-OR "JE[W]SUITICS":






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