Friday, July 22, 2011

College Football

Much of what is on the television is genuinely atrocious for the Christian mind. But still there are some forms of entertainment that are wonderful and of course, different tastes for different people. One of the forms of entertainment which our family enjoys is college football. And there are many reasons for this. For me, personally, college football is played during my favorite season, fall. Also, unlike professional football where personalities often (but not always) elevate themselves above team camaraderie, in college football there is a form of allegiance which remains consistent. As well, it is (to me) magnificent to watch these men, these young men, be tested as athletes and endure their defeats and celebrate their victories with all of the challenges it brings on and off the field. It is a quality outlet for my family and we enjoy college football, as a family.

I am looking forward to another great season and to all of you who do have an appreciation for college football, be warned, believe it or not the South Carolina Gamecocks have a dream schedule and have some All-American talent that can put them in a BCS Bowl if not, the championship game. But that would take more than hitting on all pistons because like any football fan knows, one wrong bounce of the ball and what should have been becomes what could have been. Their only problem is a fifth year senior quarterback who, last year, played like a good sophomore and not a junior. I am not certain he is up to leading them through this best of all possible schedules. Enjoy the season college football fans, it is right around the corner.

*The above video is considered, by many, to be the greatest game ending in college football history. What many do not see when this clip is shown is what this video contains, the previous play by then Stanford QB John Elway marching his team down the field to enable them to kick what many thought was a game-winning field goal. After the 3 points were made and with only 4 seconds left on the play clock, all Stanford had to do was kick the ball off to California and stop the runner. The rest is college football history.

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